The method is simple: with a needle the permanent Long-Time-Liner make up is inserted into the upper skin. The needle used for this treatment is thin; so the technician is capable of creating a very sophisticated, fine, design.

Different from Tattoos, Long-Time-Liner® make up doesn’t hurt. There’s no wound, so no blood, and no scars, and because there’s no pain, the technician is capable of doing a perfect make up.

Should Long-Time-Liner® make up seem too delicate after the first treatment, the client is entitled to a free-of-charge follow-up treatment to reinforce the pigmentation any time within the 3 months period following the treatment.

Side Effects
Long-Time-Liner Make Up has no side effects at all, only one or two hours directly after the treatment you can see that the skin is slightly swollen,but this disappears within 2 hours after the treatment.

Safety during Treatment
For every client a new, sterilized needle is used. The colours developed for Long-Time-Liner Make Up have been tested for all allergies and approved by the German Medical Association (MPG) as a medical product.

Special Diseases
Also on clients suffering from diseases such as: Haemophilia (bleeding disease) and Diabetics, for whom its strictly forbidden to do Tattoos, the Long-Time-Liner make Up method can be used. The needle only reaches just below the upper skin ,so no harm can be done.