Since the introduction of the Long Time Liner device over 20 years ago, the company has been consistently making every effort to modernize pigmentation machinery and techniques. The process has changed drastically to make it more efficient and precise and to also make the client’s experience as smooth as possible.
The latest Conture Duo device is not only the highest quality device, but also incomparable in hygienic quality approved by many physicians and medical professionals.

The handheld pigmentation device works much like a modern ink pen in the sense that, rather than working with drops of ink on the skin, the Linergist fills a compartment in the device with the selected color, and this is then fed in a continuous supply to the tip of the needle. Among the great advantages of this is that the Linergist has an unbroken line-of-sight to the area of skin worked on, meaning the pigment can be applied with a high degree of accuracy.

The Linergist has full control over two essential aspects of the way the handheld device operates. On one hand, the speed of the needle can be controlled at between 55 and 70 strokes per second. On the other hand, how far the needle projects from the handheld device is also controllable. The handheld pigmentation device is attached to and governed by a controller. Through this, the Linergist can select between one of the four settings, each pre-programmed for a typical use control.

The Four Setting are:
1- Reconvalescent – and cosmetic lip-contouring
2- Camouage pigmentation and shadowing
3- Eyelash and eyelines augmentation
4- Fine hair formation (for example, after chemotherapy) and eyebro hair replacement

After choosing one of these setting, the Linergist can then adjust the length of projection of the needle and also its speed (and therefore its stroke rate) so that they conform with the pigmentation requirements of the customer to be treated during that session.

Since the Long Time Liner handheld pigmentation device is driven by a stroke magnet rather than by a conventional motor, it works completely silent. This enables the Linergist to concentrate better on the important task at hand and leads to a more relaxing experience for the client.